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Truck Driver Error – The Cause of Many Truck Accidents

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016 in Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

As opposed to the results of a number of surveys which say that drivers of passenger cars are more at fault in majority of road accidents wherein trucks are also involved, is the result of a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which says that truck accidents are more due to errors committed by drivers of semi-trucks (also called 18-wheelers or big rigs). The FMCSA is a separate administration within the US Department of Transportation (DOT); its primary mission is to enforce laws that will reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV), such as large trucks and buses.

The most common truck driver errors that have been identified by the FMCSA include: driver fatigue; driving too fast for road conditions; drivers impaired due to use of prescription or over-the-counter-drugs; overspeeding; unfamiliarity with the road; lack of experience in operating a semi-truck; lack of focus on the road; distracted driving; improper attachment of trailer; failure to check “no-zone” areas or blind spots; failure to make sure that truck brakes are in good working condition; and, depowering of the front brakes to lessen wear and tear of tires and breaks and so save on operating costs. All these errors lead to many other things that directly affect the capability of truck drivers to react to danger correctly and on time.

Many truck accidents are direct results of driver error and negligence; however, these accidents may be significantly mitigated by an experienced driver who is mindful of those around him or her. It is common knowledge that semi-trucks pose a serious risk to other drivers due to their enormous size and heavy weight. Thus, if a driver does not possess the required skills to operate a truck safely or commits an error that results in an accident, fatalities and people sustaining severe injuries are not remote possibilities. In 2013 alone, records from the Highway Loss Data Institute, a non-profit research organization, showed 3,500 fatal large truck accidents. These accidents resulted to the death of 570 truck drivers, while the remaining count involved drivers of smaller vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Injuries, on the other hand, exceed more than a hundred thousand. About half a million truck accidents occur every year, leaving so many victims and their families burdened with emotional and physical pains, and in financial difficulties.

No one wants an accident to occur, not even the truck driver who may be at fault in the accident; however, due to the injuries or death of victims, erring truck drivers should only be made to face justice as well as compensate their victims for all damages resulting from (victims’) injuries.

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Sell Your Mineral Rights Now

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One of the greatest opportunities of residents in areas where shale gas abounds is the chance of earning huge amounts of cash, either instantly, if they sell mineral rights, or over a period of years, by leasing their mineral rights to giant oil-producing firms.

Shale gas, which is trapped inside soft, layered sedimentary rocks that have formed from merged mud or clay, is the main source of natural gas (which is used in American homes and commercial buildings) and petroleum.

The production of shale gas, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), has increased over the past years, allowing the US to become an oil-producing country from an oil-dependent one.

Aside from the companies engaged in the extraction of oil from productive shale gas areas, the residents are the other group who will tremendously benefit from this shale boom, that is, if they are able to decide correctly on what to do with their mineral rights and/or property – lease or sell.

There are companies that are willing and are ready to pay millions of dollars in cash to property and mineral rights owners. Selling means cash up front – whether your property produces something or nothing at all. If your property proves to be really productive, you may regret having sold it or wished that you had sold it at a much higher price. How productive an area of land really is may never be known, though, unless the firm starts digging and actually strikes oil.

However, if your land proves to be unproductive and, therefore, definitely far less the amount that you have been paid, wouldn’t you be glad that you had sold it, and say that you have made the right decision – millions of dollars in your bank account despite a non-productive land. This is the very risk taken by firms as well: purchasing mineral rights the productivity of which is uncertain.

Owners, however, should refrain from deciding to sell (their) mineral rights abruptly, lest they end up getting paid a certain amount of cash when they could have gotten a much bigger amount. The Mineral Auction, like other firms which aim to help owners get the best deal for their rights, advises mineral rights owners to never have second thoughts about selling their rights. It is true, the Mineral Auction continues, that there are individuals who have been rewarded greatly in their decision to just lease their rights, making more money in the long term. This case is not the same for everyone, though, as many others never received the economic payout that they hoped for.

Another very important advice that the Mineral Auction imparts to mineral rights owners is to make sure that they are guided in every selling transaction by a mineral rights broker, who will help them receive only the best offer for their rights.

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Painful Experiences Suffered by Pedestrians from Cars Accidents and Insurance Providers

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Vehicle Accidents | 0 comments

Car accident always put the lives of drivers in danger, causing them physical injuries besides damaging their properties. If drivers, who are fully protected by the car’s body and crash-protection devices, like seatbelts and airbags, imagine the severity of harm a moving car can cause pedestrians. With nothing to protect them from the forceful impact caused by an incoming vehicle, an accident will surely leave them with a severe injury.

When it comes to lawsuits based on car and pedestrian accidents, there are no more familiar entities than law firms and car accident lawyers. The website of the The Benton Law Firm in particular says that unprotected pedestrians can suffer severe injuries which can affect them for the rest of their lives; these injuries, the firm continues, include broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, brain damage, and road rash.

Based on studies about injuries to pedestrians, their type and severity depend upon the type of vehicle involved in the accident. Vehicles with bumpers higher than a person’s waist level, such as SUVs and trucks, the force of impact made by these vehicles can throw a person forward, with the possibility of these same vehicles running over the victim afterwards. Vehicles with bumpers below the waist level, however, would lift a person onto the car’s hood.

Every year about 70, 000 pedestrians are hit by cars; around 4, 500 either die on the spot or a few days after the accident. These fatal accidents, according to the National Safety Council, happen more frequently in rural areas, where traffic is light and vehicles run at fast speeds; the absence of shoulders, sidewalks, and street lighting at nighttime, which will make walk paths more visible for pedestrians, likewise increase the risk of accidents. Non-fatal pedestrian accidents, on the other hand, occur more in urban areas, where traffic is heavier due to the greater volume of cars and pedestrian activities.

Even if you own a car, you too are a pedestrian at certain times of the day. When you are walking, jogging, waiting for the traffic light to indicate “walk,” etc., these are the times when you too need to protect yourself against drivers who may fail to notice you.

If, despite your care, an accident still occurs due to a negligent or reckless driver, then you may be entitled to receive compensation either from your, or from the at-fault driver’s, insurance provider. Spiros Law personal injury attorneys are probably all too aware that dealing with insurance companies, is not easy, despite proofs of your injuries due to the accident. This is because insurance firms aim to make profit, not pay huge compensation amounts.

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Situations that Adversely Impact a Foreign National’s Immigration Status

Posted by on Aug 22, 2015 in Family Issues | 0 comments

Every year the Center for Immigration Studies estimates about 400,000 US citizens marrying individuals with foreign nationalities. With marriage being one of the fastest ways to obtain a US green card, many resort to it, even fraudulently, to be able to live and work on a permanent basis in the United States.

There are actually three ways through which a foreign national may obtain a U.S. permanent resident status fast: marry a U.S. citizen, a beneficiary of an immigrant petition, or a person who has been lawfully granted US permanent residency. The chance of obtaining a green card, however, can be adversely affected if the marriage soon ends in divorce or annulment.

There three possible situations wherein divorce can adversely impact a foreign national’s immigration status:

1. When divorce occurs before the conferment of a permanent residence status.

While marriage to a US citizen or to a lawful US permanent resident may help an alien obtain permanent resident status, the actual granting of such status may be denied if the termination of marriage through divorce or annulment happens before the permanent resident status is granted to the alien spouse. In other words, as divorce or annulment ends the legal marriage between the alien spouse and his or her (sponsoring) spouse, so too is the alien spouse’s chance of being granted a green card.

2. When divorce occurs after the granting of a conditional green card; and,

If divorce or annulment happens within two years after the alien spouse has been granted a conditional green card, the chance of obtaining a permanent resident status may be canceled. This is because, for the permanent resident status to be granted to the alien spouse, application to such must be jointly filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) by both spouses within the 90-day period that immediately precedes the second anniversary of the alien spouse’s receipt of the conditional permanent residence.

Termination of the marriage will make the joint application impossible. This will necessitate the alien spouse to file, instead, a waiver for the required joint application, otherwise, he or she may be put in deportation proceedings (a copy of the divorce decree, documentation, like a joint bank account, joint real estate holdings, joint credit cards, etc., and affidavits from both spouses’ mutual friends who would confirm that the marriage was sincerely entered into, should be filed with the waiver. These documents will prove that the marriage was entered into in good faith).

Only after USCIS has ascertained that the marriage was not fraudulent or entered into simply for the purpose of helping the foreign national obtain a green card will it approve the waiver and change the alien spouse’s status from conditional resident status to permanent resident status.

3. When divorce occurs after an unconditional green card has been obtained

For alien spouses who have been issued unconditional green cards (which are valid for 10 years, unlike conditional green cards which lasts only for two years), the only effect of divorce on their immigration status is the length of time they must be in permanent resident status before becoming eligible to apply for US citizenship.

The United States have been drafting more laws over the past years which will eventually allow foreign nationals to obtain their green card faster than other applicants. Among these laws is the law on marriage. Many times though, marriage between a foreign national and an American citizen never really work out since the foundation of such marriage is not strong; thus, many end in divorce, with the foreign national saying goodbye to his or her dream of obtaining a green card.

The laws and the procedures of divorce are complicated, so much more are the laws on immigration. According to the website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, despite the seeming simplicity of an absolute divorce process, there are related legal issues which can be very burdensome to any of the spouses involved. This is what renders the assistance of a seasoned divorce lawyer necessary in a divorce proceeding, especially in one of the spouses is a foreign national who has not obtained US citizenship yet and only has a conditional resident status.

Austin immigration lawyers would probably be informed of how the procedures involved in attaining permanent resident status can be negatively impacted by divorce. Under this situation, the alien spouse needs to file certain documents (within a specified time), otherwise, he or she may lose the chance of having the conditions of his or her residence status removed, as well as the privilege of staying longer on US soil.

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Advantages of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries

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The very first thing that people notice in us is our face. Our face can hint about and reveal a lot of things, like how we feel, what we may have in mind and, regardless of how hard we sometimes try to conceal it – how old we are.

Have you thought about how old your face says you are? Does your face make you look younger, older or just exactly how old you should look?

As we age, we go through and experience many different things which affect the texture of our skin, our facial skin most especially. Lines, wrinkles, creases, age spots and scars – these are just some of the results of too much exposure under the sun, our grave mistake of allowing stress and worry take hold of us, traumatic accidents, skin disease, burns, birth marks, birth defects and so forth.

To bring back the suppleness and youthfulness of our skin, we resort to cosmetics, creams and, if necessary, surgical procedures. There are two available procedures that are aimed at improving a patient’s body: cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is specifically intended to enhance one’s appearance, while plastic surgery repairs or reconstructs defects on the face and body in order to correct any dysfunctional or impaired area of the body.

Regardless of the procedure one wishes to undergo, it is important that he or she knows if such procedure is the best for him or her, the length of recovery time, the cost, if necessary, and if the doctor who will perform the procedure is board certified.

In 2014, the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures and the number of patients who have had such procedures are breast augmentation (286,000), nose reshaping (217,000), liposuction (211,000), eyelid surgery (207,000) and facelift (128,000). The top 5 reconstructive procedures, on the other hand, are tumor removal (4.4 million), laceration repair (251,000), maxillofacial surgery (199,000), scar revision (177,000) and hand surgery (130,000).

Over the past five years the number of patients who have undergone cosmetic and reconstructive procedures under the care of board-certified surgeons have always gone beyond 10 million; also counting those who have received treatment under non-certified surgeons and/or their assistants, the number of patients will exceed 12million.

The number of male patients, for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, has also increased over the past years. Procedures performed on men, which are usually due work-related reasons, include: cosmetic eyelid surgery for the removal of puffiness, hooding and bags; procedures on the nose; skin treatment, like botox injections, in order to smooth wrinkles; removal of brown spots, broken capillaries and hair through laser procedures; burn repair surgery; hand surgery; congenital defect repair, like cleft palate; and, scar revision surgery.

Both procedures help make a person look more youthful and, therefore, look more refreshed. Majority of those who have undergone either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery have also felt younger, more confident and more energetic.

The website of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery explains the importance of achieving a patient’s desired image. Cosmetic surgery patients place a lot of faith in their doctors to help them reach their appearance goals.

Many have undergone either a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in the past, only to go to a real expert afterwards for botched surgery – to correct another surgeon’s mistakes. Whichever body part you wish to be treated, one fact remains: it is your body and, whatever mistakes will be committed, you are the one to suffer. Thus, never just entrust your treatment to one who claims to be an expert. Research and inquire about him or her from past patients.

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