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Advantages of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Plastic Surgery | 0 comments

The very first thing that people notice in us is our face. Our face can hint about and reveal a lot of things, like how we feel, what we may have in mind and, regardless of how hard we sometimes try to conceal it – how old we are.

Have you thought about how old your face says you are? Does your face make you look younger, older or just exactly how old you should look?

As we age, we go through and experience many different things which affect the texture of our skin, our facial skin most especially. Lines, wrinkles, creases, age spots and scars – these are just some of the results of too much exposure under the sun, our grave mistake of allowing stress and worry take hold of us, traumatic accidents, skin disease, burns, birth marks, birth defects and so forth.

To bring back the suppleness and youthfulness of our skin, we resort to cosmetics, creams and, if necessary, surgical procedures. There are two available procedures that are aimed at improving a patient’s body: cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is specifically intended to enhance one’s appearance, while plastic surgery repairs or reconstructs defects on the face and body in order to correct any dysfunctional or impaired area of the body.

Regardless of the procedure one wishes to undergo, it is important that he or she knows if such procedure is the best for him or her, the length of recovery time, the cost, if necessary, and if the doctor who will perform the procedure is board certified.

In 2014, the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures and the number of patients who have had such procedures are breast augmentation (286,000), nose reshaping (217,000), liposuction (211,000), eyelid surgery (207,000) and facelift (128,000). The top 5 reconstructive procedures, on the other hand, are tumor removal (4.4 million), laceration repair (251,000), maxillofacial surgery (199,000), scar revision (177,000) and hand surgery (130,000).

Over the past five years the number of patients who have undergone cosmetic and reconstructive procedures under the care of board-certified surgeons have always gone beyond 10 million; also counting those who have received treatment under non-certified surgeons and/or their assistants, the number of patients will exceed 12million.

The number of male patients, for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, has also increased over the past years. Procedures performed on men, which are usually due work-related reasons, include: cosmetic eyelid surgery for the removal of puffiness, hooding and bags; procedures on the nose; skin treatment, like botox injections, in order to smooth wrinkles; removal of brown spots, broken capillaries and hair through laser procedures; burn repair surgery; hand surgery; congenital defect repair, like cleft palate; and, scar revision surgery.

Both procedures help make a person look more youthful and, therefore, look more refreshed. Majority of those who have undergone either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery have also felt younger, more confident and more energetic.

The website of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery explains the importance of achieving a patient’s desired image. Cosmetic surgery patients place a lot of faith in their doctors to help them reach their appearance goals.

Many have undergone either a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery in the past, only to go to a real expert afterwards for botched surgery – to correct another surgeon’s mistakes. Whichever body part you wish to be treated, one fact remains: it is your body and, whatever mistakes will be committed, you are the one to suffer. Thus, never just entrust your treatment to one who claims to be an expert. Research and inquire about him or her from past patients.

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