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Truck Driver Error – The Cause of Many Truck Accidents

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As opposed to the results of a number of surveys which say that drivers of passenger cars are more at fault in majority of road accidents wherein trucks are also involved, is the result of a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which says that truck accidents are more due to errors committed by drivers of semi-trucks (also called 18-wheelers or big rigs). The FMCSA is a separate administration within the US Department of Transportation (DOT); its primary mission is to enforce laws that will reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV), such as large trucks and buses.

The most common truck driver errors that have been identified by the FMCSA include: driver fatigue; driving too fast for road conditions; drivers impaired due to use of prescription or over-the-counter-drugs; overspeeding; unfamiliarity with the road; lack of experience in operating a semi-truck; lack of focus on the road; distracted driving; improper attachment of trailer; failure to check “no-zone” areas or blind spots; failure to make sure that truck brakes are in good working condition; and, depowering of the front brakes to lessen wear and tear of tires and breaks and so save on operating costs. All these errors lead to many other things that directly affect the capability of truck drivers to react to danger correctly and on time.

Many truck accidents are direct results of driver error and negligence; however, these accidents may be significantly mitigated by an experienced driver who is mindful of those around him or her. It is common knowledge that semi-trucks pose a serious risk to other drivers due to their enormous size and heavy weight. Thus, if a driver does not possess the required skills to operate a truck safely or commits an error that results in an accident, fatalities and people sustaining severe injuries are not remote possibilities. In 2013 alone, records from the Highway Loss Data Institute, a non-profit research organization, showed 3,500 fatal large truck accidents. These accidents resulted to the death of 570 truck drivers, while the remaining count involved drivers of smaller vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Injuries, on the other hand, exceed more than a hundred thousand. About half a million truck accidents occur every year, leaving so many victims and their families burdened with emotional and physical pains, and in financial difficulties.

No one wants an accident to occur, not even the truck driver who may be at fault in the accident; however, due to the injuries or death of victims, erring truck drivers should only be made to face justice as well as compensate their victims for all damages resulting from (victims’) injuries.

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Painful Experiences Suffered by Pedestrians from Cars Accidents and Insurance Providers

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Car accident always put the lives of drivers in danger, causing them physical injuries besides damaging their properties. If drivers, who are fully protected by the car’s body and crash-protection devices, like seatbelts and airbags, imagine the severity of harm a moving car can cause pedestrians. With nothing to protect them from the forceful impact caused by an incoming vehicle, an accident will surely leave them with a severe injury.

When it comes to lawsuits based on car and pedestrian accidents, there are no more familiar entities than law firms and car accident lawyers. The website of the The Benton Law Firm in particular says that unprotected pedestrians can suffer severe injuries which can affect them for the rest of their lives; these injuries, the firm continues, include broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, brain damage, and road rash.

Based on studies about injuries to pedestrians, their type and severity depend upon the type of vehicle involved in the accident. Vehicles with bumpers higher than a person’s waist level, such as SUVs and trucks, the force of impact made by these vehicles can throw a person forward, with the possibility of these same vehicles running over the victim afterwards. Vehicles with bumpers below the waist level, however, would lift a person onto the car’s hood.

Every year about 70, 000 pedestrians are hit by cars; around 4, 500 either die on the spot or a few days after the accident. These fatal accidents, according to the National Safety Council, happen more frequently in rural areas, where traffic is light and vehicles run at fast speeds; the absence of shoulders, sidewalks, and street lighting at nighttime, which will make walk paths more visible for pedestrians, likewise increase the risk of accidents. Non-fatal pedestrian accidents, on the other hand, occur more in urban areas, where traffic is heavier due to the greater volume of cars and pedestrian activities.

Even if you own a car, you too are a pedestrian at certain times of the day. When you are walking, jogging, waiting for the traffic light to indicate “walk,” etc., these are the times when you too need to protect yourself against drivers who may fail to notice you.

If, despite your care, an accident still occurs due to a negligent or reckless driver, then you may be entitled to receive compensation either from your, or from the at-fault driver’s, insurance provider. Spiros Law personal injury attorneys are probably all too aware that dealing with insurance companies, is not easy, despite proofs of your injuries due to the accident. This is because insurance firms aim to make profit, not pay huge compensation amounts.

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