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Common Construction Site Accidents

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Workplace Injuries | 0 comments

Construction sites can be very dangerous environments because of the presence of hazardous substances, construction machinery and equipment, and other objects and conditions that may injure or kill construction workers.

According to a construction site article on the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, construction workers and innocent passersby who have been injured because of someone else’s error may be able to get worker compensation or personal injury compensation. Below are some of the common construction site accidents that happen because of the negligence and error of construction companies and construction site managers.

Slip and Fall Accidents
Companies and managers need to make sure that the construction site is in its safest condition to prevent injuring workers and passersby. They should take away or limit the objects that can potentially trigger a slip and fall accident, such as loose wires, spilled chemicals, unattended tools, and uneven surfaces and holes that lack warning signs.

Construction workers are often required to work on elevated places, such as in high floor levels, windows, and roofs. This puts them at risk of falling, especially because of defective scaffoldings and ladders, and lack of protective gears and safety procedures.

Falling Objects
In construction sites, there is always the risk of objects falling and hitting the head of unsuspecting victims. The objects may come in many forms, like unattended materials, heavy objects such as machinery and equipment, and sharp objects such as construction tools.

Construction sites are unfinished products, so it is not uncommon for electrical systems to be unfinished as well. Exposed wires may get in contact with the elements, or worse, with the construction workers, giving them electric shock and possibly injuring or killing them.

Explosions and Fires
Construction may involve flammable materials such as chemicals, wires, gases, and even explosives themselves. Without the proper storage and safety procedure, the construction site may be susceptible to explosions and fires.

Machine Accidents
Accidents in construction machinery, equipment, and vehicles, may be some of the most devastating construction accidents, as they can result into traumatic injuries, amputations, and property damages. They may be caused by defects and malfunctions, worker errors, or negligence on the part of the construction company or site manager.

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